Good Mourning

by Suffer the Silence

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Digital album only. A physical version of Good Mourning will be available in the near future.

Recorded and mastered at the home of Marcus and Rapha Guerra between Sep. 2011 and May 2012 using ProTools 6.4 on a 512MB RAM desktop with Windows XP OS.

Remastered with Reaper between Aug. 28 and Sep. 1, 2012.

Re-released (remastered version) on Sep. 25, 2012.


released May 24, 2012

>> Marcus Guerra - guitars, vocals, drums [#2]
>> Rapha Guerra - drums
>> Evan Cox - bass

All music written and performed by Suffer the Silence.
All lyrics written by Marcus Guerra.
Recorded, engineered, and produced by Marcus Guerra.
Remastered by Marcus Guerra.

Cover art and logo by Marcus Guerra.



all rights reserved


Suffer the Silence Laredo, Texas

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Track Name: Somewhere
Nascent, awake, newly born
Have I ever been? I can't remember.

In slumber surreal, I dream a dream
For the first time so real, this dream I dreamt
Have I ever before dreamt? How long have I slept?
How long was I asunder? This vastness of slumber.

But I recall a figure, alluring
Graceful, walking away from me
A silhouette, in the stillness
In our closeness, she remained distant
Her voice
I heard her voice
She called my name
(And) I followed her beckon
(Yet) she was elusive
And escaped my grasp
Evaded embrace
(And) left not a trace

Cast into a life hitherto unknown
Naked and cold
Forlorn and old
I am alone

Somewhere, she does exist
Reality dawning, the fire burning
She called me from sleep into life anew
She is here--somewhere

Marcus Guerra (c) 2011
Track Name: Elsewhere
Cannot recall any semblance of a prior existence
Why suddenly had a I dreamt?
Why suddenly had I awaken?

Naked and cold
Forlorn and old
A stranger
No memory
No recollection
I am archaic

But what matters not is what was
What matters now is what is
She is what is
She is elsewhere now

In search of she who awakened me
In search of she who caused me to dream

She beckons
She calls
A voice resounding
The sound renewing

Looking elsewhere for the answer
Longing for an answer elsewhere
I know I am drawing nearer
But she will not be found here

Marcus Guerra (c) 2012
Track Name: Not Here
Yet I press on
Ever forward, with one thought in mind
Trying to find
The one who left me behind

Years of searching
Never finding
A lifetime of longing
And always reminding

Of time past
Long since gone

My soul will not wait
Come near

Time long since gone
Still her voice I hear
Still her voice so dear
But she is not here

I can't find her
Not here
Not anywhere

Marcus Guerra (c) 2012
Track Name: Nowhere
No more dreams. I can dream no more.
Trying to recall what I had left (before).
Searching for what no longer is.
Searching for what never was.

I cannot recollect.
No prospect.
There is only what was;
And what was is not.
There is only what is not;
And what is not can never be.
What is not can never be,
And will forever cease to be--all but a memory.

Marcus Guerra (c) 2012
Track Name: Never
Here, where there is no hope
No rest
No slumber
Here, the reality of endlessness
Here lies the culmination of my being
The futility of my endeavor
The vastness of truth
The dawn of never

Here, where life is absent
And absence prevails
Here, where absence is truth
And truth is forever
Here, where truth is all that is certain
And all that is certain is what is not
All that is certain is what is naught

Time since passed
My time has passed
Times since past
Nothing can last

All these years I've waited
All these years I've wasted

Marcus Guerra (c) 2012