All Things Beautiful

by Suffer the Silence

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A companion album to Good Mourning.


released March 26, 2017

>> Marcus Guerra: guitar, drums, vocals
>> Evan Cox: bass

All music and lyrics written by Marcus Guerra.
Cover photograph, design, and logo by Marcus Guerra.

Recorded/mixed/mastered on Reaper DAW by Marcus Guerra.



all rights reserved


Suffer the Silence Laredo, Texas

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Track Name: Times Past
Times before
When we knew little
Our ignorance our folly, our peace
The days of yore are no more
They won't restore
Alive through dreams
We can't remember anymore

Then, things were different
Then, when we were different
Then, (in times so distant), we were innocent

Times ahead
And innocence lost
Years cannot return what was taken from us
The years cannot renew
Or make us anew

We can only reflect upon the illusion of
How things were
But how things are is the truth of who we are
And time will not redeem what has become of us

Years cannot return what was taken from us
The years cannot renew
How things are is the truth of who we are
And time will not redeem what has become of us
Track Name: Prodigal
We have been led astray
We followed the son of morning
Hoping for a new dawn
Woke to a new mourning

Many roads made our journey
Open gates beckoned
Across the desert, voices reckoned
Calling by name from afar
We knew not whom we followed
He promised the answers
To our desperation
He promised wine instead of water
And a dish to consume in secret

Captive in the wilderness
We chose our destiny
And plunged Into disarray and into decay
Through lack of faith
We chose our fate

We gave him our souls and pledged him our lives
To see the hidden knowledge kept from our eyes

We need vision, yet we seek sight
We need wisdom, yet we seek knowledge
We need guidance, yet we seek direction
We have light before our eyes, still we are blind

Entangled in darkness of night
We have lost our way
There is no warmth without light
Our demise do we obey

Surrender now to ruin
Submit to decadence
And embrace the (finality of) decision
By which we sold our inheritance
Track Name: Remembrance
Sacrifice a life for a life we will not sacrifice
A lie we will not (are unwilling to) forego
A choice to negate and undo blemish
Yet we speak not of the scar we carve
Upon the lives of those most innocent

The death we wield to those most defenseless
Those who cannot speak
Those who cannot scream
Obscure the blood that is shed

Those in places of power speak
To silence dissent from those not here
To justify slaughter of the voiceless
To quell the silence that cries of injustice
Of the ones deprived of a mere breath

We have elected to partake in a (silent) holocaust
To embark on a crusade against what is pure
Through the valley of the shadow of death
Into Eden lost
Track Name: Awaken
There is nothing new under the sun
The eye is never satisfied of seeing
The ears never tire of hearing

We toil in vain to the benefit of our masters
When we are left as slaves by our very designs

The physical realm crumbles
Leaving as waste the things that matter not
Our bodies deteriorate
Beauty withers away
We enter life with nothing and leave with nothing
All that is gained, lost
All that has been before will continue to be
Worldly pursuits are but chasing the wind
When there may be no tomorrow
With much wisdom comes much sorrow
And the things that once seemed possible, there is no time left to dream
All knowledge must cease when death reigns supreme

All our wisdom gleaned
All our suffering
Ending amid our end
Time cannot contend
(Nor can it amend)
It beckons us for the reaping
Preparing us for the gleaning

Awake, O sleeper, from this mortal coil
We were dead after the fall
But death knows not its failure
Arise from the grave
Then we will know the truth
And the truth will set us free
Track Name: The Great Deceiver
The world beholden
A harvest to reap
The blood of mortals is sweet, but stolen water is sweeter
Centuries bear testament to names timeless

Wise beyond understanding
Understanding beyond knowing
Knowing beyond the unseen
Into the depths of time itself
Beauty without description
Words fail to describe what cannot be comprehended

Of knowledge gained from time immemorial
Through progress serpentine, history repeats
Its coils spiral onward, and millennia move ever forward
Recursive in its nature to yield promises divine
But there still lacks a way to give foresight to the blind
Bringer of light, will you shine forth radiance
Teach us things kept secret since before our kind
Son of the dawn, O beauteous majesty
The morning star has never shone so brightly

Will we not die
Will you grant us our desires
Will you outlast the age
Will your promises be eternal
Will you save us from death
Will you be our saving grace
Will you open our eyes to see the truth
Can you cast out darkness and turn night to day
Can you be truth in a world of chaos
Can you show us we are loved
Can you show us the way
Can you take the pain away
Are we those whom you call beloved
Are we those whom you treasure
Through you may we find eternal life
Are you willing to save the least of these
Are you willing to live for those who detest you
Are you willing to die for those who put you to death
…And then the scales fell from my eyes
Track Name: Judgment
Misled, we followed to our graves
Unto death with irreversible haste we raced

Incapable of slowing the pace
If there was a way to undo the sorrow
The misery of lives being undone
To redeem ourselves of the expense that our burden proves

When we could not rise
Cast into the jaws of mortal woe

Time has abandoned us
The herd has been scattered
Pearls cast before swine
Dogs return to their filth
We have abandoned ourselves
What will become of us

He was despised and rejected by men,
a man of suffering who knew what sickness was.
He was like someone people turned away from
He was despised, and we did not value Him (HCSB)

But He was pierced because of (by) our transgressions,
crushed because of (by) our iniquities
punishment for our peace was on Him,
and we are healed by His wounds. (HCSB)

We all went astray like sheep;
we all have turned to our own way
In our stead, the man of sorrows
Into the fall of humanity

Kings will shut their mouths because of Him,
For they will see what had not been told them,
 and they will understand what they had not heard (HCSB)

Of a peace that is to come
Of a sorrow that shall be undone
From joy we shall be born
In splendor are we adorned

I am anew
Complete in truth
Something beyond,
when once I was blind
I know nothing more than who I now am
Who I was is dead
And now I can see what is truth by design
When a sheep became a shepherd by a wolf's kiss
You have restored the years
(that) the locusts had eaten
You give and you take away
Who can understand
the incomprehensible
Who can fathom the depths
of certainty beyond death
In the wake of redemption reconciled
In the scope of the eternal
"I am nothing, but truth is everything" (-Lincoln)
"Beauty is truth,
truth beauty--
that is all ye know on earth,
and all ye need to know." (-Keats)